ANKINAT stands as a revolutionary tokenized mutual fund company, committed to reshaping the startup landscape globally. With a core belief in democratizing finance and business, ANKINAT breaks down barriers by providing individuals worldwide with the opportunity to own assets, fostering a borderless and empowering environment. As a pioneering force in tokenized mutual funds, ANKINAT not only facilitates diverse global investments but also creates a nurturing space for startups and selected sectors to thrive. The company’s vision extends beyond immediate gains, aspiring to build a lasting legacy that transcends generations, contributing to a world characterized by positive change and interconnected solutions.

It starts with you in mind.


In the vast landscape of startups, I felt a distinct lack of an environment that truly empowers and enables individuals. The challenge of securing assets to sustain one’s earnings seemed to grow each day. This realization birthed ANKINAT—a vision that extends beyond borders. We aspire to unite nations, working collectively so that brilliant minds and their solutions can soar freely. ANKINAT is more than a token; it’s a purpose, a bridge connecting countries, and an opportunity for everyone to own an asset from any corner of the globe.

Our core belief is rooted in democratizing finance and business, a passion that drives us forward. As one of the pioneering tokenized mutual fund companies, we break barriers, allowing individuals to build diverse portfolios that transcend geographical constraints.

At ANKINAT, we create a nurturing environment for startups and selected sectors of investment. Our aim is to foster a world connected by solutions that impact us all. We empower investors, from the ground up to the highest echelons, providing the means to make a difference while benefiting from capital gains and dividends from those that address their unique demands.

Our mission extends beyond the present. We are building a legacy that will traverse generations. We envision a future where our work shapes the world into a better place. ANKINAT is not just a company; it’s a journey toward a future where potential knows no bounds, and positive change is a global endeavor.

Join us in shaping a legacy that transcends time.

Best, Natnael Theodros Founder, ANKINAT


Our Focus

ANKINAT is dedicated to two core pillars: fostering financial well-being and creating an enabling environment for growth. Our focus revolves around empowering individuals globally to secure their financial futures through innovative investment solutions. Simultaneously, we are committed to nurturing a supportive ecosystem that catalyzes the development of startups and selected sectors, fostering an environment where potential can flourish and positive impact can thrive.


Democratized investment

By owning our tokens, holders gain more than just an investment — they secure a voice in the decision-making process. At ANKINAT, we believe in democratizing influence, allowing token holders the opportunity to actively shape the direction of our mutual fund company and the world. We value the perspectives and insights of our community, fostering a collaborative approach where every voice contributes to the decisions that drive our shared success.



We promote integrity

Our investment plans and strategies at ANKINAT are meticulously crafted to provide a secure and rewarding experience for our investors and token holders. By employing a thoughtful approach to asset allocation, risk management, and market analysis, we aim to deliver sustainable growth and stability. Our commitment is to ensure that each investor feels confident in their financial journey with us, knowing that their trust is met with strategic, well-considered investment plans designed for long-term success.


About Natnael Theodros


Hello, I’m Natnael Theodros—a former nursing graduate turned tech enthusiast, startup veteran, and the founder of ANKINAT. My journey from the president of the IT club on campus to a decade-long exploration of the startup sector in technology, fintech, investment, and now blockchain has shaped my unique perspective and fueled my passion for making a difference.

Background and Experience

With a solid foundation in nursing, I transitioned seamlessly into the tech world. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in ecommerce development, media, and program development. Currently at the helm of ANKINAT, I take pride in my ability to identify and leverage the strengths of individuals, leading with a visionary and quality-driven approach. My problem-solving mentality has been a guiding force in navigating the dynamic startup landscape.

Passions and Interests

Passionate about technology, business, investment, fintech, and blockchain, I find purpose in working on projects that have the power to change lives. I firmly believe that my existence is tied to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Achievements and Milestones

My journey is marked by the development of numerous ecommerce solutions and the establishment of ANKINAT. I take pride in my ability to assemble talented teams, envisioning and executing projects that leave a lasting impact.

What sets me apart is my ability to combine a nursing background with a decade of experience in the startup sector. As a leader, I bring a visionary perspective and quality leadership skills to the table. I thrive on solving challenges and fostering a collaborative environment that encourages innovation.

Join me on this journey of innovation, collaboration, and positive change.

Best, Natnael Theodros